How to Gain Academic Credit for Your Internship

Gaining academic credit for Internships: The Paperwork Process

Internships can be a valuable part of the learning process at Luther College. They offer opportunities to apply your classroom learning, make contacts, improve your business communication skills, and see if a particular career field is right for you. The hardest part of the process is locating and securing an internship.

Once you have secured an internship opportunity, listed here are the important paperwork things that need to be done to gain academic credit. Please note that the paperwork must be turned in to the Career Center with faculty approval prior to the last day to add a class of the term for which you are registering for the academic credit. If you are using the “Summer/Fall” option for a summer internship, this means that we must have the paperwork prior to the last add date of either of the summer sessions. Please note that some departments may have slightly different policies, so it is important to talk to faculty in the department for which you want the credit.

1.       Talk to a faculty member in your major department to make sure they will support your request for internship credit. Be ready to tell them where you are interning and what you will be doing. For international students, any off-campus internship in the United Sates must relate to your major and must be done for academic credit. A faculty member from your major can help you to determine if the internship relates to your major.

2.       Once you get a verbal “OK” from a faculty member, you can come to the Career Center and ask for the “internship paperwork packet.” Unlike regular classes at Luther, you do not register for internships through the my.luther website; instead the paperwork registers you. The internship paperwork packet contains several forms, which the Career Center staff will “walk you through” when you get the packet:

a.       Registration Form: This form list the number of academic hours you are requesting and requires a faculty signature to show approval.

                                                       i.      For every 36 hours you work at the internship site, you are eligible for 1 academic hour of credit. You can take the internship for 1, 2 or 4 hours of credit (not 3). Work with your faculty supervisor to figure out which is right for you.

                                                     ii.      Please note the “January term II” requirement needs a minimum of two academic hours.

                                                    iii.      Work with your faculty supervisor to determine if you should take the internship “credit/no credit” or for a letter grade.

                                                   iv.      If you are taking the internship during the summer, you can use the “summer/fall” registration option, but please realize that it counts your internship academic hours toward your total of 36 hours that you can take for the following academic year. If you go over 36 hours in the following year, you will be charged at a very high hourly fee rate. If you do not have the room in your schedule, you are better of registering for one of the regular summer sessions and pay the much lower summer hourly fee.

                                                     v.      When you bring this form back to the Career Center, it allows the Career Center to have the Registrar formally enroll you in the internship for the appropriate term. Please remember that we need this form prior to the last day to add a class during the term for which you are doing the internship.

b.      Waiver Form-This form protects Luther legally for your off-campus internship.

c.       Learning Plan Form: You and your faculty member should have some basic learning objectives and an evaluation plan listed on this form.

d.      Self-Evaluation Form: You fill this out and turn it in to the Career Center after the internship.

e.      Supervisor Evaluation Form: Your internship supervisor fills this form out to give feedback on your performance after the internship. Once your supervisor has completed it for you, you turn it in to the Career Center.

3.       If you are an international student, you must let Amy or Wintlett know about your internship. You should do this the same day that you turn in your registration form to the Career Center.

4.       Domestic students have the option of doing a “non-credit” off-campus internship. You do not need to do the paperwork listed above.  We still ask that you report your internship to the Career Center for our yearly internship statistics.

5.       At the end of the internship, make sure you return the completed self-evaluation form and supervisor evaluation form to the Career Center. We will forward it to your faculty supervisor who will give you a grade for your experience.

6.       If you can, try to take a picture of yourself at the internship site. You may want to use it later on LinkedIn or some type of e-portfolio.

7.       If you have questions at any point of the process, please don’t hesitate to stop by the Career Center. We are happy to help! You can also email Dan at [email protected] or call 387-1025 with questions.