Sophomore Year: A Year of Exploration

Ground yourself in a major and investigate your interests.

Finalize Your Major(s) and Commit to Academic Success

  1. If undecided, meet with a Career Counselor to assess and confirm your major(s).
  2. Meet with your Academic Advisor to map out the requirements for your major, including study abroad opportunities.
  3. Begin to explore graduate school, if needed, for your career interests.

Become Familiar with a Range of Careers in Your Major(s)

  1. What Can I Do with This Major?
  2. O*NET OnLine or Occupational Outlook Handbook
  3. Use connections from faculty, family, and friends, or locate alumni in your career field of interest:
    1. Find alumni using the LinkedIn Luther College Career Network, or
    2. Connect with alumni via email using the Alumni Directory.
  4. Conduct an Informational Interview with your contacts.
  5. Optional: Participate in the spring Job Shadow Program.

Prepare for the World of Work

  1. Update and expand your college resume.
  2. Create your profile on Luther's CareerConnection.
  3. Create a LinkedIn profile.
  4. Before interviewing for a work experience, participate in a Mock Interview with the Career Center.

Engage in Applied Learning Opportunities

  1. Seek out leadership and committee opportunities in 1-2 student organizations.
  2. Gain work experience and develop skills through part-time jobs, on-campus work-study, off-campus work study, a summer job, or an internship.
    1. Attend the Fall Career Fair.
    2. Attend the Volunteer/Non-Profit Fair in the fall.
    3. Attend Summer Camp Fairs in the spring.
    4. Attend the Spring Career Fair.
    5. Explore local volunteer opportunities.
    6. Scan CareerConnection for summer jobs/internship opportunities.
  3. Take advantage of undergraduate research opportunities within your major.
  4. Consider study and internship away options at the Global Learning Center.