Washington Semester

Luther College is part of a consortium of eleven Lutheran colleges that operate a Washington Semester program.

The central feature of the program is a four-day-a-week internship (usually worth eight credits). The program director and her assistants locate internships based on the student's desire and needs. Internships are not limited to students studying political science; there are many opportunities for students in communications, the arts, history and museum studies, economics and business, and environmental studies, among others. 

In addition, each student takes two courses. (Each class is worth four credits each.) Luther students may earn Paideia II credit if they take The Global Agenda and do a number of reflective writings. Students choose a second course from a list provided by Dr. Nancy Joyner, the program director (past courses have included Political Communication, Art and Architecture in the Nation's Capital, Violence and Values, and Business and Public Policy). 

Recent Internships

Spring 2012

  • Mario Martinucci (C-SPAN)
  • Ali Toal (Congressman Jim Renacci)
  • Katie Schwartz (Meridian International Center)
  • Daniel Hess (Smithsonian National Museum of American History) 

Fall 2011

  • Ahmed Kazi (Sen. Richard Durbin, Illinois)
  • Haley Suby (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) 

Spring 2011

  • Liz Archer (Rep. Steve King, Iowa)
  • Ross Frei (EPA Office of web Communications)
  • Andis Kancans (Chesapeake Climate Action Network)
  • Bianca Lutchen (Refugees International)
  • Anna Murray (Rep. Dave Loebsack, Iowa)
  • Ashley Matthys (C-Span)
  • Elisa Vazquez (Verizon Center-Monumental Sports & Entertainment) 

Fall 2010

  • Magie Darling (Dept of Ed—Editorial Policy and Publishing)
  • Jonathon Grieder (Rep. Dave Loebsack, Iowa)
  • Cossondra Holstad  (Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History)
  • Katrina Houmes (The National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution)
  • Laurie Medford (Smithsonian Institution)
  • Aaron Smith (Senate Finance Committee) 

Fall 2009

  • Rachel Barclay (National Postal Museum)
  • Mark Burris (Rep. Peter Roskam, Illinois)
  • Brittany Turner (Meridian International) 

Spring 2009

  • Tyler Powell (Rep. Keith Ellison, Minnesota)
  • Heather Rothfuss (D.C. Courts)
  • Mitchell Schaben (Sen. Tom Harkin, Iowa)
  • Eric St. Clair (Chesapeake Climate Action Network)
  • Sam Wiles (National Journalism Center)
Students outside Washington Monument, Spring Semester 2011