Course Topics

Honors 130 Scholars Colloquium

This is a discussion-based course that provides small-group discussions of readings, local or national current events or issues, and cultural and intellectual events available on campus. These events may include lectures (by Luther faculty members and visiting scholars and dignitaries), concerts (ranging from classical to jazz to contemporary), theater and dance performances, films, poetry readings, and art shows.

REL 101 Intro to Biblical Studies

An introduction to the academic study of biblical literature with an emphasis on selected writings, themes, and methods of interpretation. Students will also become familiar with extra-biblical sources (textual and archaeological) which contribute to understanding the Bible in its historical, socio-economic, theological, and literary contexts.

REL 212 Sex in the Bible

This course will examine constructions of gender, sexuality, marriage, and family in the Bible. Students will analyze selected texts from both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament in their social, historical, political, economic, ideological, and religious contexts. Students will also learn how to apply approaches drawn from the fields of gender studies and sexuality studies to the critical study of biblical texts.