Biology Club Helps Restore Trout Stream

Biology Club helps restore trout stream

In early September 2005, 10 Luther biology students, along with Dr. Larsen, traveled out to near Dorchester in Allamakee County to property owned by Luther biology alumnus Dr. Michael Osterholm '75. Back in the 1940's, Brook Creek was filled in and rerouted through a roadside ditch so an agricultural field could be planted. After Brook Creek was reestablished late this summer into its historic stream bed, the Luther Biology Club spent the afternoon helping with the restoration of Brook Creek by inoculating the new stream with aquatic plants and invertebrates collected from neighboring Duck and Waterloo Creeks. This project is part of a long-term comprehensive tallgrass prairie and oak savanna reconstruction and restoration and coldwater stream rehabilitation effort by Dr. Osterholm on this 98-acre property in cooperation with Driftless Land Stewardship, the Iowa DNR, the USDA-NRCS, and Trout Unlimited. Other volunteers were planting plugs of prairie cord grass to help stabilize the new stream banks. The goal is to eventually introduce wild brook trout from South Pine Creek into Brook Creek once the aquatic insects become established. For more information on this project, check out this story on MPR (

Front Row: Katie Stortz, Britta Anderson, Elsa Pietscher, Amy Larson, Nicole Egan;
Back row: Dr. Larsen, Leigh Wheaton, Scott Buccola, Kristi Brown, Mike Thompson, Jillian Riley

Biology Club helping with the restoration of Brook Creek