Luther Entomologists Meet in Indianapolis

In December 2009 during the meetings of the Entomological Society of America in Indianapolis, a number of Luther biology alumni who are now entomologists gathered for what has become an annual meeting of "Luther Entomologists."  In the picture, clockwise starting at lower left is Alysha Soper ('09), Dave Coyle ('97), Reese Worthington (current student '10), Kirk Larsen (professor of Biology), Amy Morey ('06), Katie Hopp ('06), Brian McCornack ('98), and Nick Schmidt ('04). Current biology student Reese Worthington presented results of his summer research in a poster titled "Scarab diversity of Northeast Iowa." They celebrated Brian McCornack being named Assistant Professor of Entomology at Kansas State University, Dave Coyle receiving the John Henry Comstock Award to the outstanding graduate student in the North Central Branch, and Katie Hopp's publication of a monograph revising the Nesocyrtosoma genus of beetles in the West Indies, including naming a species of beetle after Dr. Larsen.

Luther Entomologists at 2009 ESA meeting