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Bio 487 Biology Colloquium - The biology colloquium meets approximately once a month during the academic year for lectures and discussions led by visiting scholars, faculty, and student researchers.  Biology majors and minors are eligible to obtain 1 academic credit after attending 10 colloquia.  Students should fill out and promptly turn in the colloquium reports if they want their attendance recorded for credit. 

Spring 2014 Biology Colloquium:  9:40  AM in Valders 206

Thursday, March 6 - Dr. Mike Anderson.  Mouse Genetics and the Missing Heritability of Glaucoma.  Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, University of Iowa.

Thursday, March 20 – Dr. Andrew Forbes.   Studying the role of ecology in speciation of fruit flies and parasitic wasps.  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of Iowa. 

Thursday, April 3 – Dr. Jeff Bishop.  Pharmacogenomic studies in psychiatry: advancing our understanding drug mechanisms and implications for patient care.  Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Thursday, April 10 - Biology Alumni Panel

  • Eve Doyle - Production Scientist, Integrated DNA Technologies
  • Riley McDowell - Software developer, Pioneer Hi-Bred
  • Mary Whipple - Clinical Research Coordinator, Mayo Clinic

Thursday, April 17 - HHMI Education Lecture:  Dr. Christina Petersen.  What Do We Know About How Learning Works?  Principles to Inform Teaching in Higher Education.  Associate Education Specialist, University of Minnesota.

Friday, May 9 - Research Symposium


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