Senior Project Topics

Sample of Topics - Senior Projects 2009-10

An analysis of the neuroanatomical etiology of visuospatial deficits exhibited in Williams syndrome.

Biomimicry in architecture:  Innovation inspired by nature.

Implications of mutated genes on crucial proteins for patients afflicted with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

The induction and application of neural stem cells.

The relationship between organotins and obesity.

Epidemiological analysis of the public health response to the historic 2008 flood in Winneshiek County, Iowa.

Foraging methods of killer whales (Orcinus orca.

An analysis of the association between thrombotic mutation, thombotic events, and Cerebral Palsy.

The process of nuclear factor-kappaB’s effect on inflammation in the colon.

Physiological changes after environmental enrichment in Alzheimer’s disease:  Possible mechanisms of cognitive benefits.

The role of anti-myelin oligodendrocite glycoprotein antibodies in demyelination as biological marker for Multiple Sclerosis.

The effects of plant size and spacing on leaf miner damage in eastern leatherwood populations.