“When I first came to Luther, I had no idea what direction I wanted to go with biology, but I knew that I loved it. Luther allowed me to take a range of biology courses with professors passionate about their fields of study.” —Kristine Dennis, ’09

Biology is the scientific study of living systems. The discipline ranges from studying the structure of biomolecules to the interactions of species with their environment. Biology faculty have expertise across a broad range of subdisciplines, in order to ensure that Luther students have the opportunity to study biology at all levels.

The biology major is just one part of a Luther education—here, science is part of a curriculum with particular strengths in writing, critical thinking, and ethics. The flexibility of the major allows students to explore broadly and focus their curiosity, to combine biology with other activities such as music or athletics, to study abroad, and to prepare for graduate school, professional school, or career paths from teaching to conservation.    

Courses are taught from an evolutionary perspective, which explains both the unity and diversity of life. The biology department offers courses that introduce students to laboratory techniques, experimental design and statistical analysis. Students can choose from this array of courses to develop knowledge and skills that will prepare them for their chosen future career.

Biology faculty at Luther serve as academic advisors and work closely with students on their curricular choices—including social sciences and humanities along with natural sciences—to prepare the student for his/her career choice. Because there is significant overlap in the preparation for any of these options, students enjoy considerable flexibility in their curricular choices. Students are encouraged to seek advice early and often from faculty whose teaching and research expertise align with their own interests.

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