Eric Baack

Eric Baack has been a professor in the Biology department since 2007, focusing on the topics of plant ecology and evolution. Some of his course topics include Evolutionary Biology, Ecology of the Southwest, and Principles of Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity.

During January Term of 2013, Professor Baack was the co-instructor for a Paidea II course, English Theatre: Mirror of Society and the Human Condition, during which students travel abroad to visit London and other historic cities to study how theatre presents ethical conflicts.  Highlights included new plays that combined romance and quantum mechanics (Constellations), romance and clinical trials ((The Effect), an all-female Julius Caesar set in a prison, and a medieval Chinese tale of loyalty and revenge (The Orphan of Zhao).

During January term of 2014, Prof. Baack led a course to the Southwest, where students explored the Grand Canyon, Organ Pipe National Monument, and the Santa Rita experimental range while coming to understand the challenges and successes of protecting wildlife in the face of dams, illegal border activity, grazing, and mining.

Recent research projects include examining the fate of crop genes in a wild environment in sunflowers, attempting to re-domesticate the sunflower from the wild, and examining whether deer ticks with Lyme disease are more or less likely to carry other diseases, such as babesiosis.