From a Non-CAATE Accredited Institution

Students who wish to transfer in from a non-accredited institution must complete all criteria listed in the student observation experience, application packet, and interview by the specified dates.

From a CAATE-Accredited Institution

Students who wish to transfer in from another accredited program must contact the program director prior to enrolling. These students must have been in good academic standing at their prior institution and fulfill the GPA criteria of the Luther College ATEP.

If the student meets institutional criteria for admission, they must also achieve the GPA criteria for the ATEP prior to starting their clinical education. All transfer students must complete a minimum of 3 years of clinical experience. These students will perform a variety of proficiencies related to AT 265 - Clinical I: Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries for the athletic training staff. At this point it will be determined if any of the requirements of the first year observation will be waived.

Transfer students must complete an application packet prior to being considered for admission. Deadlines for completing the packet and scheduling the interview will be formalized with the Program Director. The transfer student must also receive a positive review by the Athletic Training Review Board.

The registrar will review the transcript of the transfer student to determine the number of credits to be accepted by Luther College. The registrar also determines whether a course will be accepted in lieu of particular courses required at Luther College.