Application Specifics

Getting Into the Program

Admission or denial from the Athletic Training Education Program is the responsibility of the Athletic Training Review Board. The board will review all submitted items and interview each student prior to admission or denial. Following the board review, a formal letter from the Program Director will be sent to each student regarding his/her acceptance or denial.

If accepted, the student will have 3 calendar days to accept or decline his/her placement in the ATEP. A formal letter of acceptance should be submitted to the Program Director prior to the end of the third calendar day after notification of admission.

Application Procedures

1. Submit a completed application packet to the Program Director prior to April 1st of the first year.


  • Application form
  • Two letters of reference, excluding Athletic Training Staff
  • In good academic standing according to the standards published in the Luther College catalog
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better
  • No grade below a C in any classes required by the major (a grade of C or better in Bio 116)
  • Completed Technical Standards Form
  • Completed Health/Medical Form, including current immunizations
  • One page essay on career goals
  • Completed observation hour requirement (40 hours) in Luther College Athletic Training Clinic, demonstrating appropriate clinical performance and conduct:
    • reliability and responsibility
    • communication skills
    • appearance and appropriate dress
    • cooperative work ethic
    • initiative
    • Basic skills: taping, opening/closing procedures, documentation   

2. Schedule and complete an interview with the Athletic Training Review Board prior to April 10th.

Students who have not completed the application packet (Part 1 – due April 1) and the interview (Part II – by April 10) will not be eligible for admission. Student selection will be based primarily on academic progress (GPA), staff evaluations during observation hours and the committee interview. Students will be ranked first to last based on the GPA criteria and Board ranking following the interview. Each student will receive a numerical rank in the two categories that will combine into a final ranking. The number of students receiving acceptance into the ATEP will be based on the number of vacancies. The maximum number of students that can be enrolled in the ATEP is 32. Students will be accepted based on 32 minus the number of returning students. Students wishing to declare formal application for admission, after the completion of the first semester, must complete 40 observation hours and all components of Parts 1 and 2 above.

3. Admissions costs: Once admitted to the ATEP students are expected to adhere to the Luther College Athletic Training Handbook dress code for athletic events. This will require students to purchase khaki pants/shorts(estimated $38 cost) to be worn at events as designated in the handbook. A polo with logo is provided by the Athletic Training Program for outdoor events. Additionally, the students are CPR certified and Luther College conducts a background check on each student prior to starting clinical rotations. The CPR training and background check is covered by the institution and no cost to the student.