Rooftop Observatory

During the winter of 2000-01, a sliding roof was put on top Valders Hall of Science creating a more versatile observing facility. After the roof was completed, and the floor boards replaced, four telescopes were brought up (two 12 inch telescopes, and two 10 inch telescopes).

All the telescopes are Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes that have the ability to be controlled by a computer. During the winter of 2002-03, a motor was added to the sliding roof, making it much easier for the roof to be opened. Since completion of the observatory, we have been holding public observing sessions one Friday of every month. 

Find out what we plan to observe during  the next observing session.

See the rolling roof in action. (Note: the video clip is in .mov format. If you don't have support for .mov files, you can download QuickTime.)