Art History

The goal of art history is to build critical thinking by introducing students to the history of art. This includes exposure to art and questioning the “truth” of images. Our courses build understanding that artists make conscious choices in creation.

Our students take a two-semester survey of Western Art. There are also several upper-level courses offered, such as American Art, Art of the 20th Century, and History of Photography.

Courses Offered

  • ART 101 Art Matters
  • ART 251 Survey of Western Art I
  • ART 252 Survey of Western Art II
  • ART 262 American Art
  • ART 264 Pre-Columbian and Native American Art
  • ART 320 Critical Theory
  • ART 362 19th Century Art
  • ART 364 20th Century Art
  • ART 368 Gender in Art
  • ART 379 Art History Methods