Contemporary Curriculum

We expect our art educators to write original lesson plans. These plans should are inspired by contemporary artists’ work, and connect to student interest. To help students prepare for this, Professor Lovelace takes students to present at an art educators conference. This gives our students an opportunity to share their lessons with practicing art teachers. This allows them to receive valuable feedback from experienced mentors.

Infusing Contemporary Art in the K-12 Curriculum

Art teachers will leave the conference empowered to bring contemporary art into their K-12 lessons. Our art educators meet the standards and are relevant by incorporating “Art of the Now” into their curriculums. Two Luther art educators present their original lesson plans at each conference.

The Compassion Project: A Collaboration and Investigation with Community, Contemporary Art and Pre-service Practice  

Our students are able to work on a semester-long project between Luther students and Decorah middle schoolers. Inspired by a Decorah district-wide exploration of “Compassion” as a theme, this project is part of our curriculum.  Our students present their lesson plans explored throughout various phases the project.

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