Contemporary Curriculum

Art Education students from Luther College were given the opportunity to present at two conferences in the past year, both the Art Educators of Iowa and that National Art Education Association.Professor Lea Lovelace and select students presented a best practices session entitled, Empowering Pre-service Elementary Teachers to Develop a Critical Eye in the era of iPad and Pinterest, featuring student research and original lessons from Art 228: Art In the Elementary Schools methods course.

Empowering Pre-service Elementary Teachers to Develop a Critical Eye in the era of iPad and Pinterest
With an abundance of lessons available on the Internet and projects revealed on Pintrest for every occasion, now more then ever there is call for art educators to teach our pre-service teachers to read these images and curricular ideas with a critical eye. During the course of the semester, the current Elementary Art Methods Course at Luther College challenges pre-service classroom teachers to examine their notions of meaningful art integration through readings on current art educational theory and practice, an understanding of contemporary art, studio projects and critiques of elementary art lessons found on the internet. Students walk away empowered to develop contemporary curriculum integrating art into their classrooms inspired by contemporary artists, visual culture, social justice issues, and technology.

Three aspiring classroom teachers will present their original lesson plans written at the culmination of the course inspired by contemporary artists, Ipad apps, elements of art and principles of design.

Presented: Art Educators of Iowa Fall Conference, Cedar Rapids, IA October 11, 2013 & National Art Educators Spring Conference, San Diego, CA March 30, 2014

Involved: Katie Mathis ('15), Nicole Billips ('14), Jenna Darsee ('15), Robin Hengesteg ('15), Claire Bauer ('15)

Katie Mathis '15
Nicole Billips '14
Art Educators of Iowa conference