Contemporary Curriculum

In both ART 228 and ED 352, pre-service art educators are expected to write original lesson plans inspired by contemporary artists’ work, connecting to student interest, offering knowledge of artistic development, differentiation for students in the classroom, and connections to national curricular standards. In an effort to help pre-service teachers explore putting theory into practice, each year, Lovelace takes select art education students to co-present on a topic at either the state or national art educators conference. This gives them an opportunity to share their original authored lessons with practicing art teachers, representing best practice in the field of art education while seeking valuable feedback from experienced mentors.

Four art education students, Lars Johnson(’16), Jenna Darsee(’15), Jennifer Bonnell (’15), and Robin Hengesteg (’15) along with Professor Lea Lovelace, presented their original lessons inspired by contemporary artists at the Fall 2014 Art Educators of Iowa Conference, October 10-12th.

Infusing Contemporary Art in the K-12 Curriculum

Art teachers will leave this session empowered to bring contemporary art into their K-12 lessons at every turn. Whether inspired to develop new media exploration entirely, or stick with tried and true key concepts and materials, art educators can meet the standards, make easy cross-curricular connections, and be relevant with students just by incorporating “Art of the Now” into their curriculum. During this session teachers will be given a list of reasons and a list of resources inspiring contemporary art integration both the elementary and secondary level. Two Luther pre-service art educators will present their original lesson plans.

A-Maze-ing Self-Portraits, Inspired by Farsad LaBauff, Lars Johnson (’16)
Time Lapse Photography Drawings, Inspired by Katrie Grinnan & Salvador Dali, Jennifer Bonnell (’15)

The Compassion Project: A Collaboration and Investigation with Community, Contemporary Art and Pre-service Practice  

This presentation will reflect on a semester-long project between Luther pre-service art teachers and Decorah Middle School students. This project was implemented as part of the coursework for the Luther College Secondary Methods class and inspired by a Decorah district-wide exploration of “Compassion” as a theme. Sharing perspectives from both sides, presenters will deconstruct the collaboration process, and share what was learned both during the project and upon reflection. Luther students will present their original lesson plans inspired by contemporary artists, which were explored throughout various phases the project.

7th grade Compassion Lesson Phase I: Rosenquist, Symbolism, Mural, Jenna Darsee (’15) & Micayla Irmiter (’14)
7th grade Compassion Lesson Phase II: Candy Chang Stencils, Jenna Darsee (’15) & Micayla Irmiter (’14)
8th grade Compassion Lesson Phase II: Shepard Fairy Mini-Posters, Robin Hengesteg (’15)

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