"What drew me to the art program was how welcoming the faculty is. Each student gets personal attention in and out of class. You know each professor is committed to you and interested in your work."

-Savannah Horn '17 

The art program at Luther College engages students visually within our liberal arts community. Our program nurtures, enriches, and strengthens our students' artistic spirits.

The art program is designed to sustain a life-long pursuit of creativity. Our students learn individual expression, aesthetic appreciation, and historical understanding.

Introductory courses provide a foundation of all artistic mediums. Advanced courses hone skills, and allow students to grow as individual artists.

Art Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available for prospective art students. The art program reviews portfolios for scholarships once a year in the spring. There are other art scholarships awarded to continuing students.

Visit our scholarships page to learn more about applying for an art scholarship.


Learn more about scholarships for incoming students as well as current ones.