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The art program at Luther College encourages student artists to engage in a visual language within a liberal arts community. Their work complements the language of other disciplines, which in turn nurture, enrich and strengthen the students' artistic spirits. The art program is designed to help students sustain a life-long pursuit of creative problem solving, individual expression and aesthetic appreciation. Introductory courses provide a solid foundation that engages students of all disciplines in visual discourse. Advanced courses hone technical and conceptual skills and develop a higher level of critical thinking and aesthetic understanding.

Art Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available for prospective art students. The Art Program reviews portfolios for scholarship awards once a year in the spring. There are additional art program scholarships that are awarded to continuing students.

Please contact the Luther College Admissions Office (1-800-4LUTHER) for more information or write to for specifics regarding application procedures and portfolio requirements for prospective first-year students.