Luther College Moment in History #54

Larsen Hall was dedicated on Oct. 13, 1907 thanks to the fundraising of C. K. Preus. Singlehandedly, Preus went out amongst the college constituency in order to find the funding. When illness slowed these efforts, Professors Naeseth, Bleken, and Thompson as well as Pastors Austvold and Ingebrigtson stepped in to aid in the endeavor. When the final funding was counted it was found that $93,000 had been raised for the new dormitory. The funding was such an amount that Larsen Hall was built with repairs to the heating plant and Main building completed as well. The new dormitory was built to accommodate both students and educational facilities. 

At the 1907 dedication over 3,000 spectators, including 250 pastors of the Norwegian Synod, watched as Hans G. Stub (class of 1966), of the Luther Seminary, preached a sermon on I Corinthians 13: 1-7. Ulrik Vilhelm Koren, president of the Norwegian Synod, performed the dedication, naming the building after Laur Larsen, the first president of Luther College. In the evening, as a surprise to Preus, a party was thrown to celebrate his amazing fundraising efforts as well as his fifty-fifth birthday.

This photo shows construction in 1907.


Moment in History 54