Luther College Moments in History Epilogue

"In a certain sense Luther College is the lengthened shadow of the intellectual and spiritual hopes, aspirations, and ideals of the hardy Norse pioneer men and women of the Northwest. As pioneer times recede, it becomes increasingly hard for us of our time to appreciate fully with what painful toil and sacrifice, yet with what gladness, intensity of purpose, and faith in the future, Luther College was launched upon its mission. … No tricks of expediency, no false gods, no obscurity of purpose, no ambitions of men, no spurious standards have cut her adrift from her original moorings. … With the progress of time many ideas and many material things, and the men who wrought with them, become worn out, obsolete, and pass away. The fundamental principles underlying Luther College are as fresh, applicable, necessary, and indestructible today as ever and will so continue to the end of time." ["Letter to Alumni" by N. B. Hanson (1895), L. P. Lund (1904), B. K. Savre (1896), and George A. Torrison (1885), Chips, February 18, 1931]

Photo: Main I and entire student body, circa 1880s.

Moment Epilogue