Luther College Moment in History #68

This photo shows a Luther College track and field event from the 1920s.

"Organized track and field events were unknown in the early years. Nevertheless, it is recorded that Reinhard T. Bentson (1864-1870) jumped 21 feet in the running broad jump and 10 feet jumping backwards, besting all comers in these events. In 1874 foot races were run on a hundred-yard track. Finalists were Thomas E. Torrison, class of 1876, and Hans B. Thorgrimsen, class of 1879, the former winning by a scant foot."

"Individual athletes had taken part in campus track events from an early date, but the first organized field meet was not held until 1900, and the first intercollegiate meet did not take place until 1902. Upper Iowa then defeated Luther, 59 to 37."

[Luther College 1861-1961, David T. Nelson, p 120, 160]

Moment 68