Luther College Moment in History #57

Circa 1940s, this photo shows freshmen Sara Solverson and Dolores Willard wearing beanies given to all first year students at Luther College. It became tradition for many years to make freshmen wear these green beanies every day until Homecoming, when they would crawl on their hands and knees onto the field of the football game and beg the Homecoming Queen to become part of the student body. Once the Queen gave her approval, the freshmen were able to take off their beanies. 

This was only one of the initiation pranks played on first year students. A poem published in the Chips on September 25, 1947 reads: 

They put on my head a green beanie
And cut my hair down to the bone.
I crawl on my knees past the seniors
And wish all the time I were home.

I stand there for hours in the chow line
And hope that Mom's cake will come soon,
My bedspread and curtains aren't here yet;
I've more of a tomb than a room.

I couldn't remember "To Luther,"
When Amundson happened my way;
While others are dating my girl friend,
I polish his shoes every day.

I'm carrying bleachers by dozens
And picking up paper for Preus,
I stay in my chapel seat daily
So seniors won't make a big "noise."

And now if you happen to wonder
Why I stand for these actions so cruel,
Can't you tell by my greenish complexion,
I'm a freshman at Luther, you fool!


Moment in History 57