Luther College Moment in History #51

Valders Memorial Hall was the first Million Dollar building on Luther College's campus. The principal donors towards the construction project was Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Olson, who requested that it be named Valders, in honor of Valdres, Norway, where their family originated, and Valders, Wisconsin, which is where they settled. Construction began in the fall of 1959 and the building was dedicated two years later on September 29, 1961. Valders became the new home for the biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics departments. The two wings of the building (one of which is three stories) is connected to a large lobby and concourse and its large lecture hall was built to help the speech and theatre departments host dramatic productions. Fully furnished the final cost of the building was $1,367,067. This photo is circa late 1960s.

Moment 51