Luther College Moment in History #33

The Korsrud Heating Plant was built in 1947 as an update to the old heating system at Luther College. After Morrell and Nichols, an architectural firm from Minneapolis, Minnesota, had drawn up a new plan for the campus in 1946, the Board of Trustees realized the necessity of a new heating plant. The building cost $138,600 to complete and caused the campus to endure a year of disruption from the construction of supply tunnels under the campus. The plant was named after Ole Korsrud, an electrician, night watchman, and engineer for Luther College since 1901. He broke the ground for the building on May 6, 1946 and lived long enough to see a majority of the building finished by January of 1947. In 1952, after the completion of the new Main, the art department moved into the classrooms on the second floor of the Korsrud Heating Plant. The art department still uses this space as their painting studio.


Moment in History #33