Luther College Moment in History #94

The Oedipus and Antigone sculpture by Gerhard Marcks stands in front of the Center for Faith and Life and was installed in 2000. It is part of the Fine Arts Collection of Luther College, a teaching collection of around 1,500 works of art. Gerhard Marcks was born in Berlin where he studied as an apprentice to the German sculpture Richard Scheibe. He was one of the first faculty members to be hired at the Bauhaus school in Weimar and was appointed the Form Master of the school's Pottery Workshop located in nearby Dornburg. Luther College holds a large collection of Marcks' work, including drawings, prints, and bronze sculptures, most of which were given by his former student and close associate Marguerite Wildenhain. For more information on Gerhard Marcks, visit the Fine Arts Collection's website on the artist:

Moment 94