Luther College Moment in History #60

During the Centennial Homecoming in 1961, Lola Pederson was crowned Homecoming Queen. This image is the cover of Chips on October 13, 1961.

"Centennial Homecoming 1961 reflects panoramic phases in the life of Queen Lola Pederson. Enraptured by the discovery of her royal fortune, she bubbles forth elated before popping back to earth as seen suspended among autumn leaves. Flutist for the Luther College Concert Band, she parcels her time between play, studies and just being Lola. Reigning as the twenty-first Homecoming queen in Luther's history, Queen Lola falls heir to the title first bestowed upon Lilian Stadsvold. This regal step forward in the annals of the College typifies the difference between Homecoming of today and the modest Founders day celebrations of another century. Her majesty will reign over weekend festivities including concerts, teas and a football game in a queendom of Luther students, faculty, and alumni. [photos by Bruce Haug]"

Moment 60