Luther College Moment in History #58

This photo taken in October 14, 1958, shows freshman struggling to climb the beanie pole. The October 5, 1951, issue of Chips explains: "Something new has been added this year," says Al [Brekken]. "We're giving the freshmen a chance to throw away their beanies on Monday. There will be a greased pole with a beanie perched on top near the bonfire lot. At five o'clock we'll let them out of the cages to climb the pole for the prize. If they get it, beanies are through for the season. No poles, ladders, or other apparatus will be allowed." This photo (appearing in Chips on Oct 17, 1958) bears the caption "Freshmen battled the greased pole successfully last Tuesday. After numerous humorous failures they managed to gain access to the top of the pole and remove the beanie which was resting there. As a reward for their efforts they were allowed to remove their own green headpieces."

In the Spring of 1963, an article was published recounting Council Minutes where it was hotly debated whether or not to get rid of the beanies. It was decided by a vote of 7-3 to ban the beanies, as it seemed to be a symbol of hazing and alienation.

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