Luther College Moment in History #53

"After the gymnasium was erected in 1886, turning and other gymnastics became popular. In December of that year, the Turning Club was organized through the efforts of Carlo A. Sperati, future developer of the Luther College Concert Band. In 1888, it gave its first exhibition. For many years thereafter, the Turning Club gave annual exhibitions, which attracted many enthusiastic spectators. Yet when in 1902 Haldor Hanson requested that the Turning Club be permitted to give an exhibition in the local "opera house" at a concert for the benefit of the museum, the faculty turned thumbs down.

"In 1909, for the first time, it took part in the state gymnastic meet and captured first place. Thereafter, Luther participated regularly in intercollegiate exhibitions, with a surprisingly good record against strong competition, until World War I caused a temporary downswing in the fortunes of turning."

This photo shows the gymnastics team in front of the old gymnasium, c. 1910s.

[Luther College 1861-1961, David T. Nelson, p 159, 206]

Moment 53