Featured Displays

Anthropology Lab Displays Around Campus: 2014

The public displays in Koren feature the student curated exhibit: "To the Anthropology Cage and Back Again: An Object's Tale."

Student staff from the Anthropology Lab selected objects from our Ethnographic and Numismatic collections to feature in the display. Each object is accompanied by a description of the cultural and historical context and the personal story of why the object was selected for the exhibit.

Objects include carved ivory from the Brevig Mission of Alaska, Inupiaq clothing, hunting, and winter gear; historic presidential campaign tokens; Japanese items from the Edo Period; failed foreign currency; the story of the birch bark canoe that was commissioned just for Luther College; and the intriguing case of the Alzate ceramics of Columbia.

This exhibit extends across display cases on the first, second, and third floor of Koren. Also on display (3rd floor, Koren) is the story and history of the Anthropology Lab and the various collections we curate.

Divination Practices –- By Emily England ('15)
Stop by the Center for Global Learning to check out a display of artifacts from the Anthropology Lab Ethnographic Collection. Divination has been practiced world wide by people of all ages. Stop by to learn more about Zulu throwing bones and Chinese Yarrow Stick Throwing. Perhaps you will find some divination objects from your own childhood.

Olin First Floor

Daily Life Among the Zulu –- By Fall 2013 Museum Studies 120 students.
See artifacts of daily use by ca. 1900s Zulu of Africa. Objects were collected by Hanna Larson and others at the Lutheran Mission among the Zulu at the turn of the century.