Portuguese Camino Adventure 2015

Discover Spain and Portugal on the Portuguese Camino, June 19-30, 2015

Peter '82 and Luisa Forsgren invite you to discover Iberia by foot on the Luther College Portuguese Camino Adventure 2015. This classic Portuguese Camino to Santiago will allow you to explore the heart of the Iberian culture and beauty.

Experience the exquisite beauty and unforgettable charm of Portugal and Spain in a remarkably unique fashion.

The 2015 Luther College Portuguese Camino Experience begins in Lisbon, Portugal as we explore the wonderful blend of natural beauty and unique history of Lisbon, Sintra, Coimbra, Braga, and Guimarães, Portugal. From Valença, Portugal, we’ll walk as Pilgrims for five full days along the ancient Roman Route XIX on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, ending in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

After sightseeing in Santiago, we’ll extend our walk to the “End of the Earth” - Finisterre, Spain - and then explore the UNESCO World Heritage City of Porto, Portugal.

Our journey will be a rejuvenating mix of natural beauty, wonderfully enchanting history, and the camaraderie of wonderful people supporting one another in a magically peaceful and physically demanding journey. 

You’ll eat fresh, delicious food, and experience the thrill of challenging yourself - and succeeding! Besides meeting Pilgrims on the trail from all over the world, you will build relationships with Luther Pilgrims of all ages and from many locations.

Travel with us on the Way walked by other Pilgrims since the 9th century. Many serendipities await you on this unique and exceptional excursion.

The 2015 Luther College Portuguese Camino experience is physically active!

To ensure that you fully enjoy your Camino, you should be ready to walk for up to four hours.  Our walk will be indoors and out, in all weather conditions, up and down hills, and with a small day pack for essentials and water. While on the Camino, you can transform just a bit of preparation into a life-changing adventure and delightful memories.

For more information, please contact:
Sherry Alcock '82
Executive Director of Alumni Relations
Luther College, Office of Alumni Relations
800-225-8664 or 563-387-1861