Milt Kramer '59

Manchester, Iowa

Milt Kramer has had a distinguished life and career as a visionary, facilitative, inspiring teacher/leader who invites everyone to take a leadership role in their own education and life. Milt has demonstrated these skills through a 38-year career as a high school social studies teacher and coach, and as an active member and leader of professional and civic associations, and his church. 

As an elected leader in his community of Manchester, Iowa (population 5,000), Milt has served for 35 years—and counting—as mayor. His colleagues describe him as a team player, a role model, and someone who leads by example. “Mayor Milt’s” chief of police claims that Milt’s leadership is characterized by a “high-powered level of enthusiasm, a well-defined sense of fairness and balance, and an unquestioned abundance of sincerity.”  Manchester is a community where things get done, and Mayor Milt deserves a lot of credit for his city’s health and vitality.

There is no question that Milt is also one of Luther College’s greatest ambassadors. If you know Milt Kramer—you probably know he’s a Luther graduate. If you are a talented senior at West Delaware High School in Manchester, the mayor might just put a “bug in your ear” to take a look at Luther. Those who know him speak of his commitment to the ideals of Luther College, that he reflects the best of what it means to be a graduate. In addition, Milt reminds many, “no matter what happens today—the sun will come up tomorrow.”