Blessed to be a Blessing! Retreat

A Retreat on the Promise of the Third Chapter of Your Life
Spirit in the Desert, Carefree, Arizona
Monday, January 25 - Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I will bless you... so that you will be a blessing.  Genesis 12:2

Luther College and Spirit in the Desert are hosting this retreat for our graduates, their spouses and friends, and all who want to explore God’s callings in the third chapter of their lives.

Luther College has rich experience in what the Lilly Endowment calls “The Theological Exploration of Vocation.” Working with our students, we have nurtured their competence, courage, and convictions to make the world more trustworthy. We didn’t promise it would be easy, nor did Jesus, but we sent them with our blessing. “Go in peace. Serve the Lord.”

And how has the journey gone? In chapter two of the narratives of our vocations, we live out our callings in our work places, our homes and families, our public engagements, and our communities of worship. We experience joys and sorrows, defeats and triumphs, and our need for God in body and soul.

Then suddenly, or so it seems, we turn the page to chapter three. Our relationships and realities change. Our nest is empty, our employment ends, or we face losses, maybe new wealth. Our generation has unmatched longevity. “What does this mean?” For us? To God?

Coming together for a day and a half of music, reflection, and conversation, we will listen to rich stories of our life’s journeys. We will experience the steadfastness of God who has accompanied us through our years of growing and doing, assuring us “I am with you always,” and reminding us we are “Blessed to be a blessing.”

We care how your life turns out. Our work with the young will benefit from your mature wisdom, and you will bless one another with renewed confidence in your callings.