Africana Studies

Africana Studies is an academic study of the histories, cultures, religions, and literatures of African peoples worldwide. In Africana Studies, we explore the experience of Africans and people of African descent within both national and international contexts.

Africana Studies is multidisciplinary, with courses in the social sciences (history and anthropology), the humanities (literature and religion), and the arts (music).

Each January we offer exciting study abroad courses in Africa in such places as Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. In addition, a number of our majors study in Africa for a semester, often with the opportunity to do original research. Students consistently tell us that their time in Africa – whether a month or a semester – is one of their most rewarding college experiences.

Major/Minor in Africana Studies

We offer a major and a minor in Africana Studies. We also encourage students to combine their work in Africana Studies with another major or minor in one of Luther's many academic disciplines. A student interested in legal work or international relations might choose, for instance, to double-major in Africana Studies and history. Another student interested in a career in community service may choose to major in social work and minor in Africana Studies.

Africana Studies graduates enter the work force or graduate school with a global perspective, an appreciation of diversity, and strong skills in critical thinking and effective writing.  

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