I’m done. I’m finished. I’ve completed my studies. The curtain has dropped on my education. I’ve achieved the requirements needed to put on that funny cap and gown and walk across the stage. I handed in my last final exam just a few minutes ago and now what?

    Now, I get to revel in the last few days with my friends. Now I get to wait for my family to arrive, for the celebration to begin. Now I get to pack up all my stuff (uff da!) and somehow fit most of my belongings in a PT Cruiser, wish me luck! Now I get to play in my last symphony orchestra concert. Now I have to begin the “goodbye” process, or at least the “see you later” one.

    Now I get to use my education. I get to see the world and learn even more about it. I get to work for an arts organization and do something that maybe changes the world, even if just a little. I am now entering a time when homework no longer exists and I rule my time, not my professors. I get to educate others, while simultaneously learning from them. I get to use my open mind and strive to keep it open.

    It’s no secret that my education does not end now, it will just be present in a different form. It won’t be in the form of an extended research paper, it will be in the form of children performing on stage. It won’t be in the form of learning musical forms and concepts, it will be listening to classical music on the radio. It won’t be in the form of endless flashcards, it will be in meetings with my colleagues. Luther gave me an education so that I could continue my education.

    Thank you to any and all readers I have had over the past four years. Whether you were a regular who wanted to snoop on my latest life events, or a prospective student looking for insight, I can only hope I have entertained you, informed you, and maybe even made you think a little. With much appreciation, my cup runneth over.

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