ABC Countdown

One night in April, my roommate and I were lying in bed when she mentioned she really wanted to enjoy the last few weeks of the semester. The end of the school year is always a crazy time - everyone has a ton of schoolwork, plus all organizations have a ton of end-of-the-year things (not to mention I had six dance performances!). So, in order to spend some time together and to do some fun things, we decided to create an ABC Countdown.

The way the countdown works is that the last 26 days of the school year are assigned a letter, and each letter dictates something we have to do on that day. For example, when there were 24 days left of the school year, we were on letter "C", so my friends and I had a campfire. Every day we have something fun to do, and it's making the end of the school year a lot less stressful.

Yesterday we celebrated "R" day, where we wore running shorts and racerback shirts and took a trip to Rochester for Chipotle. Today, we're making up "P" day, and Kylie's going to get her conch pierced. This week we have Sugar Bowl, tea day, undercover day, and x marks the spot (amongst other things). It's crazy to believe that the year is almost over, and I'm almost half way done with my time at Luther!

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