New Diet

While on facebook last week, 9 May 2014, I notice that my friends have put up a challenge of eating a vegetarian diet for a week. I have never thought of going through a whole week without eating meat but next week will be the first.

Doing something that I have never done before is hard; especially when it comes to food. 2 years ago I decided to stop drinking soda. I remember that the first month was hard and sometimes I would drink one cup a week just to get rid of soda craving.  As time went by, the craving for soda left without saying good bye. Today I can proudly say I do not drink soda anymore. Soda was the first challenge now meat is next.

 However, not drinking soda is a different case from not eating meat. I have been eating meat ever since I had teeth. Also meat is the very important component of the meal at home and it is a good source of proteins. Contrary, soda is more luxurious, I use to drink it because it tasted good and I could easily substitute it with fruit juice.  I have been talking to a couple of friends about the best protein substitutes and they have been of great help.

 “It is only for a week”, I keep telling myself when I think about not eating meat. I do not know how my body will respond to this new diet. I am hoping my body will receive my new diet with both hands.

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