Where do I begin to talk about the end? I suppose I could start with the job offer I received this week, which makes my last days at Luther a little bit easier to bear. Beginning in August, I will be the Institutional Development Apprentice at Imagination Stage in Bethesda, MD for one year. In other words, I will be getting paid very little to work a ton at a job I will love in a city to which I am excited to return. Having a job secured before having to leave Luther is such a relief, I actually feel physically lighter because of it. It was starting to feel like everyone had a set future except me! Many of my friends are attending grad school, some secured jobs last summer, and a few are traveling abroad. It’s wonderful to be able to answer the omnipresent question of “What are you doing after graduation?” with confidence.

    Now that I have joined the ranks of the employed, leaving Luther has become more real than ever. Before I had received this new opportunity, it was feeling like the end of any other school year. I still had final exams and papers, I still had last symphony rehearsals and piano seminars, I still had last Whippy Dip trips, but now I don’t have the dark abyss of unemployment  to look into, where I could naively pretend that returning to Luther was an option. I have a plan, and it doesn’t include Luther in the fall. In fact, it doesn’t include any school at all.

    So, as I head into what will be my last week of classes for the foreseeable future, I’m trying to sort out how I feel. Am I sad that my education has to come to an end? Am I relieved that I won’t have the daily burden of homework anymore? Am I excited to go out into the world and use my education? Am I scared of failing? Am I confident in my abilities? Am I supported by loved ones and my Luther community? The simple answer: Yes.

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