Spring Itch

Spring is here at Luther, and campus could not be happier about it. For some reason, it doesn’t feel as magical as freshman year.

Spring of last year (freshman year) is when I really began to appreciate Luther. Even now, my memories of it seem almost too good to be true. In these memories everything kind of looks like it’s been run through an Instagram filter. The campus was bathed in golden sunlight, EVERYONE I knew was laying out in the sun and having picnics on the library lawn all day long, and this song was constantly playing in the background. It was paradise.  

This spring, I haven’t had that same feeling. I am having some serious motivation issues in my classes, as well as some pretty heavy end-of-semester coursework. I have papers, presentations, and projects to be working on at any given time. Professors are less forgiving when you’re no longer a freshman. 

That being said, this weather is really great. I have been running several times a week for the last few weeks, which is a lot for me. There were a bunch of people on the library lawn today, and on closer inspection, I saw that they were mostly freshmen. They all looked bright-eyed and carefree, blissfully unaware of how hard life can become in college past the first year. I will remember those days fondly.

Now I’m going to go eat some Whippy Dip. Happy Spring, Luther.

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