Norsemen, Bulls, and Finals, Oh My!

So last Friday, the Norsemen/Aurora concert took place, and it was a blast! We had a wonderful turnout, and Norsemen doing Les Mis went really well. The ladies in Aurora both looked and sounded quite lovely, and all of the Norsemen gave it there all this time. I will greatly miss the Norsemen next year, as this year has been phenomenal and life changing with all of my brothers and Dr. Last. I hope I can get into Collegiate Choir so I can have him as a director yet again!

And now for my announcements for next year: The first one is that I managed to get a role in the first production of next year, A Thread in the Dark! It's a retelling of the famous Minotaur myth, and I will be very excited and blessed to be picking up the role of Theseus. This production should be a lot of fun, and I hope you will all be coming by to see it!

Besides that, I'm just waiting for the year to run its course and head home for the summer. The relaxation time to be had from going home is something I greatly look forward to, and it will help me appreciate it when I arrive back on campus that much more in the fall! I just need to survive one and a half more weeks of classes, some finals, and I will be home free! Anyone coming up next year, please come find me and say hi, as I would love to make even more new friends.

As always, leave any questions you have in the comments below and I will be more than happy to answer what I can in the next blog. Until next time!

 Sing Well,


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