I cannot believe I am saying this, but it is the beginning of the end for me here at Luther. Even though my junior year has not yet come to a close, it feels like graduation is quickly approaching. A few weeks ago I was send a letter from the Registrar’s office asking for my information regarding commencement, this was like 13 months before I graduate! In addition, I had to attend a senior paper informational meeting for the Bio Department, talking about the paper that is required for graduation only made everything more real. Ever since the end of J-term it seems like everyone begins preparing for life after Luther, people sign up for grad school entrance tests, they get internships that will likely turn into jobs or they find their student teaching placement. This all baffles me. I thought at that point people would be looking toward their summer plans, not their post college plans! As someone who is always looking forward to the future, I have always been planning way too far ahead, but I thought that was only something I did. Now that I know it is normal and everyone my age is doing it, I’m getting a little worried. I know things will work themselves out but I really don’t want my last year at Luther to fly by… I feel like it just started. Luther is my home, and it took my 18 years to leave my first home, I’m not sure if 4 years is long enough here.

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