It is Done

The first three days of the last week of April were the shortest days ever. I felt like time was flying and I was always behind chasing it. After Wednesday the days were normal again but my body was feeling the fatigue from chasing time in the previous three days.

On Wednesday, 30 April 2014, senior paper was due. This is a paper, twenty something pages, that decides whether I graduate with a degree or not. I did my senior paper in Mathematics Statistics. I was looking at high school student’s health in Swaziland. The data I analyzed was collected by W.H.O, and was looking for factors that affect loneliness in Swazi high schools.

As I had said, they were shortest days I have ever experienced in my life because I was literarily chasing time. At one point, I’m describing my findings and my models while trying to make my paper look professional and before I knew it three hours have gone by! It was hard to believe, sometimes I had to google “time in Decorah Iowa” just to make sure my watches were not misleading me and sadly, they were always right.

Senior paper was not the only schoolwork I was doing. The professors did not understand enough to pause on homework so that I could finish my senior paper; they also wanted their work done. Fortunately, my supervisors at work were very understanding and gave me two or three hours off so that I could finish my paper. I know some students did not have this type of kindness from their supervisors and I appreciate the time they gave me to finish the paper. Today I am happy that I will be graduating on the 25th of May.

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