If any loyal readers are reading this right now, you may remember that I’m in a fledgling band called GHOULS.  I am very pleased to announce that we had our first show ever this Friday night.

We played a “concert” at an event we created called Sustainability Bash.  It was hosted at Luther’s Sustainability House, which is inhabited by many friends (and my girlfriend used to live there).  The house isn’t the most obvious choice for a show of any kind, but it actually worked really well. We cleared out a large area of the main living room and set up a few amplifiers next to the house’s worn-out old piano.

The show started a 20 minute set from another Luther band that is still unnamed*. The band consisted of our friends Annie and Marge, who play acoustic guitar and cajon, respectively. They played mostly covers, most of which were of a similar indie-folk variety, but were very enjoyable nonetheless. The intimate setting of the show made their variety of music ideal.

GHOULS was next.

In the past 5 months, GHOULS has slowly been writing songs and practicing infrequently. When I say “GHOULS”, I mean my friend Chelanga and I playing piano and guitar. About two weeks ago we added our pal Ethan to the band. Ethan has been playing guitar and providing some song-writing input.  We currently have 8 original songs written, though two of them will probably be retired.

We played 6 songs at the show, each to applause and approving words from the small audience of friends. It felt really good, and it made me feel nostalgic for a band that I had with a couple of my middle/high school friends. Playing music with friends is one of the most rewarding activities I can think of, and I’m extremely happy to go to a school where likeminded, music-loving people are all around me. I also wrote my first non-joke song ever, so that was proud achievement.

GHOULS is on the Luther radar.

*They have a few names in mind, the most popular of which is “The Fart Cadets” (suggested by Chelanga).

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