Here Goes Nothin'

Hello, readers! It’s been a little while, time for an update as I enter the last month of my college career. Since I last wrote, I have had job interviews, Easter Break, and traveled home for the weekend, all the while doing a sad little countdown in my head to graduation. Only 3 more Saturdays!

    As I have continued work on my final classes and tried my darnedest to be employed before graduation, I go through different bouts of being terribly melancholy about the end of the year to being rather unsettled and just wanting it to be over. As I think about having to leave good friends, a lifestyle that allows me to make coffee in the morning and return to bed to do my homework, and a varied and diverse schedule everyday, that makes me awfully sad. Luther has become my second home, that’s obvious enough. But at the same time, with graduation looming, part of me is totally fed up with school. We call it “senioritis.” A casualness has taken over my normal intense planning and to-do list-making. I barely write in my planner anymore (say WHAT?!) and the few days of class that I missed while I was home were far from my mind. This isn’t to say that I don’t get my work done, or that I’m not going to graduate because of my new-found “meh” attitude (Don’t worry, parents), it’s just that I am realizing there are more important things than grades. *Gasp*

    In these last weeks of college, I am vowing to take that extra moment with a friend or be spontaneous and not plan every moment of my life, because guess what? It’s probably the last time I can do it. After my two weeks of traveling abroad after graduation, I’m returning to my summer job and continuing my search for a position that I actually feel passionate about. After that, I’m not going to have spontaneity built into my life, at least not in any way similar to college, so here goes nothin’.

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