Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference

This weekend, my research group headed to the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference at Bethel University to present our poster "Measuring trauma and forgiveness in countries experiencing severe adversity through collaboration with Meaningful World".

We presented early Saturday morning, so we spent the night at one of our groupmate's house in Stillwater. On Saturday, we arrived at the conference, set up our poster, and then began presenting! It was a really rewarding experience to be able to talk about the work that we've been doing this past year - scoring and analyzing data from participants who experienced trauma in countries like Israel, Palestine, Burundi, Rwanda, and Haiti. The people at the conference seemed pretty interested in the fact that perceived trauma is significantly correlated with things like presence of meaning in life, search for meaning in life, and forgiveness of self, others, and God.

It was also really exciting to see the research that other undergraduate psychology students in Minnesota are doing. Of particular interest to me at this conference were pieces on body image/body esteem and eye contact and serving tips. Crazy cool!

This weekend was also my induction into Psi Chi, the national honor society for Psychology students. 

While this past weekend was focused on Psychology, the week ahead will focus on dance, my other major. Highway 57 opens on Friday, so we have a crazy week of dress rehearsals ahead!

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