So first things first, I have signed up for my classes next fall! It looks like I'll be taking 3-dimentional problem solving (a basic sculpture class), Intro to Biblical Studies, Elementary Greek and the World of Ancient Greece. All of this excites me quite a bit, and I am very enthusiastic about these classes! And all of my classes will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so that should be interesting.

On another note, the opening night of Lysistrata, lead by Luther's student run theatre group SPIN, was last night! It went phenomenally well, and I hope myself and all my fellow cast members do just as well tonight.

After the show I was able to take a short trip with a couple friends to the east side of town to see Palisades park, and I have to say the view there is breathtaking. We were able to sit atop the bluff and talk for hours, and then enjoy a nice walk through down town and get to try a peanut butter cheeseburger (which is actually a lot more fantastic than it sounds!).

Overall this past week has been generally relaxed. Finals is looming ever closer, however, and I know that the rest of the semester may have some interesting experiences yet. As always, leave any questions in the comment section below, and I will answer all of them in my next post!

Sing Well,


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