How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Caf

I’ve been really into the Caf lately.

I’m at the point in the semester when classes are hard, my morale is down, and I just want to sit somewhere and not think about schoolwork. The Caf facilitates this perfectly. I am a Caf guy.

The Caf is open all day this year, not just at traditional meal times, but the traffic flow is essentially the same. I’ve been eating lunch at 2:30 lately, and the Caf is nearly empty. The only sounds are the shuffling of student workers, the occasional clanging sound of the heating vents, and the beeping of the constantly-used waffle iron.

There are a cast of recurring characters, many of whom I have developed a strange relationship with. Since only a select few people eat lunch at 2:30, we all have begun to greet each other with a nod and a “what’s up?”, which I appreciate. I normally would have no reason to talk to these people, but we have one thing in common: we are Caf guys.

I have perfected my sandwich line order into a concise and efficient statement, and I know how each student worker makes their sandwiches. I know which soups I like and which ones I do not. I know the subtleties of the different coffee blends available, and I know exactly how much of each ingredient to put into my yogurt/granola/peanut butter mix. I am a true Caf connoisseur.

I may not be the most organized in my schoolwork, but I know my way around the Caf.

I am a Caf guy.

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