A Look Forward

Hello everyone! Sorry about the space between posts once more, Lysistrata has reached crunch time and the scene for Shakespeare has been taking up space as well (along with, you know, actual other coursework I have).

The RA classes we have had for the past three weeks are finished, and now it will be just a meeting in a week to meet the rest of our staff, and moving in early in the fall for training. It will be a lot of hard work, but after meeting my fellow RA in apartments and others as well I am extremely excited for it!

Lysistrata goes on next week, and it's actually coming together a lot better than it looked like it was going to for a while. Along with that, a friend and I may decide to do a choreographed stage fight for Ultra Mega Mega (a production done at the end of each semester for the arts department to show off what they have been working on), so that should be fun!

Overall these have been a bland couple of weeks, and now I'm headed home for Easter break! It'll be some much needed R&R before the end of the semester hits. On the bright side, I think I may have my classes figured out, but I'll leave that for a post after I've actually registered! As always, be sure to leave any questions you may have and they will be answered in the next post.

Sing Well,


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