Luther College Dance Marathon!

If you are one of my two avid blog followers you will know I am a part of the executive board for the first ever Luther College Dance Marathon. As a part of the board my major responsibility was train Morale Captains, team captains for the event, and to recruit individuals to participate for the event. For the past 13 months the board has been meeting weekly and working tirelessly to create a successful event. Luther College Dance Marathon as an organization raises money for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital to help the children and families that utilize the hospital.

This past Saturday, April 12, Luther’s first Dance Marathon took place from noon to midnight. Over 400 were present at the event! As a part of the group that planned the event I was in shock of how the event went. I am humbled by the amount of students that participated and made an incredible impact of the children and families that will be affected by the money that was raised. And if you haven’t been living under a rock you will know that Luther College Dance Marathon, in its first year, raised 38.6 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Words cannot express my appreciation for everyone who participated in the event, the impact made will not be forgotten.

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