Golf is one of the sports that I underestimated. Not long ago, I thought hitting the golf ball was as easy as falling off a log.

On Tuesday, April 8th, 2014, I started practicing golf.  My first practical lesson was driving. I got the driver club, numbered 3 and I was super excited to play golf for the first time. I walked with my head up towards the open fields to practice driving; I kept telling myself that I just needed to hit the ball, and that’s it.

Unfortunately golf is tough, it is not about hitting the ball only. The saying that goes, experience is the best teacher, was proven true by my experience with driving. My first swing went straight for the ground and I did not touch or move the ball from the t. The second swing was the same as the first swing. It took me a couple of swings before I touched the golf ball with the club. By touching the ball, I mean any contact that moved the ball from the t. If I was lucky to touch/hit the golf ball, the ball would just bounce for about 10m in front of me. I started to envy the guys that would send the golf ball flying up the sky without a struggle. However, with the help from my professor, I learned the posture and upper body rotation needed in order to hit the ball. With the right posture and rotation, I still continue to miss or hit the ball 10m; that’s what I call progress. I started by hitting the ground, but at the end I could hit the ball 10m away from its initial position.

When I look back at that day, I noticed that I skipped the basics. I wanted to hit the ball as far as possible on my first swing instead of learning how to swing and hold my posture. Even after my professor has taught me the basics, I did not spend enough time perfecting the basics; I kept swinging hard and missing the ball; sometimes hitting it 10m. On the next session, I shall stick with the basics before advancing to the masters.  

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