LCDM and National Water Dance

This past week has been crazy for practically everyone on campus. With Easter break coming next week, it seems like every class is cramming in a papers, projects, and tests before students leave campus. As I've mentioned before, everything at college always seems to happen all at one time, and this is a prime example of one of those times. Hopefully that means Easter break and returning to campus won't be too stressful!

Yesterday morning I taught my first "public" yoga class downtown. A dozen women attended, and I felt the class moved very well. I'm still not used to people following my directions and doing whatever I say! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to practice giving a few classes before I start teaching regularly next semester.

After yoga, I came back to campus to eat lunch and change before heading to Dunning Springs. My Movement Fundamentals II class participated in the National Water Dance 2014. Our dance was live streamed from Dunning Springs, and several other college campuses across the country joined in on the cause. It was so fun to connect movement with the nature around us, and there were young children there who became a part of the dance - it was so fun! (The link above can show you some of the footage from the event).

After this, I came back to campus to change once again before heading down to Regents Center for Luther's very first Dance Marathon. Four hundred and fifty students signed up to dance for 12 straight hours to raise money for the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. While I wasn't able to attend the whole event, I was amazed by how much Luther came together to support the cause, and how much energy and work so many students put into volunteering. Luther ended up raising $38,621.01 for the kids. Amazing!

On a completely unrelated note, I just read a really interesting blog post by Luther religion professor Todd Green: Are religion courses harmful to faith?

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