After the Storm

So first things first, I have some exciting news! It looks like next year I'm going to be a RA in the college apartments! I am so very excited for this, it's unbelievable. The process for it was long and a little bit nerve wracking, but I'm glad that I made it through till the end! Unfortunately this means that next year I won't be working in the scene shop any more, but I guess it's best to take the good with the bad.

Another exciting thing is that my research paper is FINALLY done! Truthfully, it was a rough one. The process was very hard for me and my paper was a little sub par for what I would have liked, but the end result had a solid cohesive argument, and I learned a ton from doing this project! And that I think is the most important goal.

Despite all the busyness of school the past few weeks, having spring break a week ago was exactly what was needed. I got to come home to two lovely dogs, and actually spend some time recuperating and preparing myself for the rest of the year.

Unfortunately the stress isn't all gone, as I have two scripts to memorize and a murder mystery dinner to put on tonight, but all in all I think (and hope) that the worst is behind me. As always, leave any questions that you would like in the comments below, and I will do my best to answer them in the next post!

Sing Well,


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